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BT SmartHub Halo 3 + Whole Home Wifi

Hi everyone, new to BT but just setup the new Halo 3 - SmartHub and EE device with 4 while home premium discs. 

All is working well with the setup except the 4G. Basically where BT comes into my home there is barely any 4G signal. I’ve moved the EE device to a higher location near a window (plan to connect to a 4G mast) but it can’t see the hub!

I’m guessing I was naive to think that it would pickup the mesh network and is instead just looking for BT Smarthub. 

Is there a solution? Can I put the Smarthub into a bridge mode so it’s the same network as the discs? 

Also - can anyone tell me how the 4G router works - is it dynamic with my smarthub etc??


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