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Re: BT SmartTalk for Windows Phone 8

Please add my name to the rapidly growing number of BT subscribers who are getting a very bad deal in not being able to use SmartTalk for Windows Phone 8

Plan on leaving BT once my contract is up
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Re: BT SmartTalk for Windows Phone 8

Also disappointed with BT for not making the app for Windows Phone 7.5.


What I don't understand is that they can make a BT WiFi App for Windows Phone 7.5 which I have on my phone, but can't do the same for the BT SmartTalk App 


I think that there would be much difference between Windows Phone 7.5 (soon to be 7.8) and Windows Phone 8 which they might consider in the future.

All this modern technology just makes people try to do everything at once
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Re: BT SmartTalk for Windows Phone 8

Add me to the list of dissatisfied customers for whom BT's apps and services are increasingly becoming an irrelevance. I cannot wait to change supplier.
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Re: BT SmartTalk for Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone is currently above 10% in UK and several other European contries now and Lumia devices are highly polular for many reasons, especially the low end ones.

BT - would you not produce a Mac version of any PC sotware you produce? Mac usage is tiny (currently around 3%, much smaller than percentage of Windows Phone UK usage) so using the same criterea why would anyone produce Mac software?


Come on BT, get with the program or at least provide a universal HTML5 version, then you wouldn't need to maintain different apps for each platform.

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Re: BT SmartTalk for Windows Phone 8

Just adding my name to the list of BT customers and WP8 ( Nokia Lumia ) users wanting this Smartalk app.
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Re: BT SmartTalk for Windows Phone 8

I'd like it for a lumia 520 and an HTC on WP8

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Re: BT SmartTalk for Windows Phone 8

It seems many posters here have not read the whole thread and just added their comments this link may help
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Re: BT SmartTalk for Windows Phone 8

I'd just like to add my voice to the SmartTalk for windows phone thread.

I've recently de-appled my life and I must say, I am pleased with my windows phone - it does everything my iphone did, but faster and half the price. And it while the iphone was good at many things, being a phone wasn't one of them.

I see more windows phones every day in the wild, so how about releasing a client for it. Surely it must be easy for a huge company with a vested interest in tech and comms to make a windows phone app. I can point you to the developer toolkits if you'd like.

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Re: BT SmartTalk for Windows Phone 8

What annoys me most is that I should have done more research, I had heard of Smart talk and before I bought my new phone I phoned BT to ask if it would work with a Nokia 530 runing Windows 8.1 as it would influence my choice of phones.

I was told that it did. I don't suppose BT would care to change my phone for one that can use Smart Talk.

I thought not.

Currently I have downloaded the android version to ny tablet and am looking at the code to see if I can replicate it for a windows App. Who knows I might beat BT.

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Re: BT SmartTalk for Windows Phone 8

BT Talk  gone
BT Usenet  gone
BT Webspace  gone
BT Sport on BTVision  gone
BT Sport on Chromecast  rubbish
BT Smarttalk on WinPhone non-existent


Now they are going into the mobile business with the company with the worst Customer Service record.

Who on earth is making these decisions?

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