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BT Smarttalk app installation failures



I have an Android HTC phone running release 4 so I thought I was in with a chance of getting this app to work.


However it failed at the last point of the installation. I got as far as them texting me a 4 digit code but was never able to enter it because the app stuck in the "downloading settings" part at the very end. I was obviously very close to getting this to work. Bit unlucky I guess


I could'nt get past this point so I rang customer services, a painful experience not to be undertaken without medication at close hand. Eventually I was connected to someone who seemed to know about this service and after explaining my problems I was advised to keep trying to complete but should I have no success delete the app and go through the process again.


Eventually the 4 digit code passed its 2 hour expiration period and given that I was still unable to get this to work I decided to , as advised, delete the app and start again. BIG MISTAKE <<< DO NOT DELETE THIS APP >>>


Now I'm finding that I cannot install the app because the service has linked the mobile number to my ladndline and it will not allow a duplication. I've checked myBT and I can see that there is a "manage my BT smarttalk" link but all it says is to try again in 2 hours.


Obviously I'm in a half way house situation. The app install almost worked but failed for some reason. My details were processed in and almost completed but I now find I can neither delete my mobile from myBT or re-install the app from my mobile.


Rang customer services again...... more pain, endless buttons, menus, bland messages etc only to be put through to India who not only had never heard of BT smarttalk but were clueless on how to assist. 


Dont want to give up on this but we really need a dedicated help desk assist number. 0800 032 2111 just puts you in the normal like 0800 800 150.


At this point I have no idea how I am going to solve this issue.




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Re: BT Smarttalk app installation failures

the post by pottyperson in this link says there is a smarttalk option

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Re: BT Smarttalk app installation failures

Call 0800 032 2111, enter phone number, then option 4, then option 1. It's not 24/7.

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