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BT Softphone

BT Softphone on my laptop works via my total broadband Home Hub connection at home.


However when I try to use this software on my boat via my laptop and a dongle connection it always responds with "this service temporarily unavailable, please try again later" message (period involved is over many hours on different days and repeated over many weeks in my home marina & various other marinas throughout the Solent).


All other services, internet, skype, sms work without fail using this setup wherever the boat goes..


Does BT Softphone work when out and about and away from the Home Hub?







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Re: BT Softphone

I was under the impression that you cant as I always had same problem as yourself with softphone and dongle, although softphone worked fine on any wireless I can connect to. 

When i asked about this in the older forums, I was informed that this was  down to the up and down 3G signal connection, but thinking on  it's odd that you can get skype etc working with no problem.

'"I will watching this thread with some interest !!"


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Re: BT Softphone

Thanks for your interest Bazza.


However it seems we are the only ones!

Either nobody uses BT Softphone or has never tried to use it this way.

Even though the blurb provided about Softphone would lead you to believe that this use is certainly catered for.


Regards    Optimistic

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Re: BT Softphone

If you are using the 3G mobile broadband dongle, then the BT softphone ports seem to be blocked, I have tried it.

I am sure it used to work when the dongle was first available. Perhaps someone was concerned that the would lose revenue on mobile calls.

It should work ok on a normal WiFi connection provided you can connect to the Internet. This does work as I have used it on a number of different WiFi access points.
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