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BT Speed Check mis-leading..."garbage" according to one independent group

I've posted about this before...
With The BT Halo package advertising 100mbs+, and the BT Speed Check app showing 103mbs, I thought my broadband would be great...but even with a wired connection, we've had issues - some slowness. Three of us working from home, two wired and one wireless.
I have tried various speed checks, all in the range 11-25mbs.
My previous post got a are guaranteed 100mbs within BT Retail network or some blurb along those lines.
But what really matters is the actual speed I get...and it is way lower than "advertised".
I found these comments from an independent organisation, and it sums it up...BT's own speed test is garbage.

While we used to rate the BT Wholesale Broadband Performance Test highly for accuracy and useful additional information about your broadband connection, BT has clearly changed how it works, and it’s not good news. Quite frankly, the new test is the biggest pile of garbage we have ever seen, and provides completely inaccurate results. Please stay well clear of this tester. Results are nowhere close to reality.

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