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BT Speedtester Telephone Number Authorisation Problem

Hi guys,


Anybody know what this message may concern and how it could get fixed? I recently got regraded at the exchange and now can't get the speedtester to check my speed, and this message keeps coming up. I've deleted the cookies etc and tried different browsers.



System Error Image not loaded

Performance Tester is unable to run the speed test for your telephone number:012+++++++++. Please check that it is the correct telephone number for your service. Did you follow all the instructions given on the website, before initiating the speed test. If not, then please follow all the instructions carefully and try to run the test again.If you believe it is the correct number for your service and you have followed all the instructions then please ask your Service Provider whether you can use Performance Tester to test your Broadband speed. If yes, then ask him for the Service ID of your broadband connection and try again with this Service ID along with your Telephone Number. If this problem persists, raise the issue with your service provider.

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Re: BT Speedtester Telephone Number Authorisation Problem

this is a speedtester problem - just keep trying it will work eventually

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