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BT Sport App Stutters for Live Sport only

Why does be the BT Sport app on my 65” TCL stutter with live sport? It does not do this with any other shows only live sport.

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Re: BT Sport App Stutters for Live Sport only

Our stats show that most TCL TVs use a fixed refresh rate of 60 Hz, however our live content is 50 frames per second on the main channels. This will cause frequent stutter as it tries to fill in the gaps.

Does your TV have any option to configure the refresh rate @Ckolbuck ?  If so, check for an option to set it to 50 or 100 Hz - this will improve your experience when watching UK content.

It's also worth making sure that the app on your TV is up to date, in case there's any additional stuttering being caused by the app itself - the current version is 1.2.0.

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