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Re: BT Sport App on Xbox series S not working

@Will168 tried all options but still same

Interestingly enough if moving between 8bit-10-bit-12bit the 1st time you try it it works then if you exit and come back it fails again


Have not checked HDMI

But may try xbox on other telly to rule out XBOX app and then see if we can change HDMI?


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Re: BT Sport App on Xbox series S not working

@sbanks I think there is an incompatibility between the Xbox Series S and the TV. This could be down to a video setting or the HDMI cable is not up to the job.

Would suggest that you try to use a high speed HDMI cable that you know is actually high speed.

You may not have had previous issues on older games consoles that were not delivering the latest 4K HDR standards at 60Hz or 120Hz.

You could try to disable HDR altogether in the Xbox settings and see if that might help.

Either way, this doesn’t seem to be an issue with the BT Sport app itself, it’s just the incompatibility that is manifesting itself when you happen to use the BT Sport app or iPlayer etc.

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