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BT Sport App on iPad - video dropping out

Hello. Trying to watch the Arsenal / City game via BT Sport app on iPad. Failing as video keeps freezing, leaving only sound available or worse, whole app locks up - no error messages. Reloading the app is required. There is nothing else running on the iPad. As we have Netflix & Amazon Prime, both of which stream perfectly over the Infinity connection, I don't think it's anything to do with internet speeds. This is therefore either an app or server capacity problem. Whatever, it's not good enough.

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Re: BT Sport App on iPad - video dropping out

I'm using the app from tablet to Chromecast, the picture quality to tv is stunning HD but I too keep loosing the feed.  I have 8meg BT broadband which should be enough but on occasions the picture quality just dips and then looses the feed? **bleep** annoying!


I have started a new post on this hoping someone from BT (ha ha ha) has an answer.... Not holding breath.

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