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BT Sport App vs BT Mobile Sport App

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I am looking to switch broadband from my current supplier and I'm interested in getting BT Sport as well.  It's between paying for BT Sport (currently on half price offer) or get it free with BT Mobile - I'm considering switching mobile provider as well anyway.

I know with the mobile option you can't watch on the online app using a computer or cast onto the TV using Chromecast but are there any differences with the mobile apps themselves?  I currently have BT Sport via Plusnet Broadband and I can use the app on a tablet as well as smartphone and using a MHL/HDMI adapter, I can mirror the content onto my TV.  Will I be able to replicate this use on the BT Mobile Sport app or will it 'know' that the subscription should only work on the smartphone and not be able to stream onto a larger device - e.g. only linked to the BT sim card?

Many thanks in advance for any guidance.

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Re: BT Sport App vs BT Mobile Sport App

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Hi there - the apps themselves are identical, aside from the casting allowance. BT Mobile customers who get Sport with that won't be able to watch on larger screens or cast to a TV.

However, with BT Broadband you will be able to purchase our 'App-only' deal which you can cast or watch the app on Samsung TV's, Apple TV's, or Xbox. Take a look!