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BT Sport Channels- Error IPC6011/6023

I Signed up to BT broadband around 6 weeks ago in order to get BT Sport channels- however since installation these haven't been working- I get error messages IPC6011 and IPC 6023 and a blank screen.


First time I phoned BT they sent me a replacement Homehub, this didn't help.


Second time I phoned I spent an hour on the phone doing disgnostic checks, this didnt help. They then booked an appointment for an engineer to come around. I stayed in on a Friday night to wait for the engineer who never showed up. They then told me they would phone me back today, again I kept myself available in the time slot and they never phoned.


As the only reason I signed up to the broadband was to get the TV channels and I'm fed up with the customer service seriously considering cancelling my contract.


Anyone faced similar issues with the sports channels and was able to fix them? Or have advice about how to contact BT without spending an hour on hold to their call centre and then an hour talking to someone in order to get an another appointment for an engineer?

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