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BT Sport Europe bad quality on Virgin XL package



just like it says in the title I get really poor quality on the SD BT Sport Europe channel.  While watching the champions league last night and turning on the Europa League tonight I've noticed I'm getting a 'stream' like quality.  It looks like a 240p Youtube video it's that bad.  Having a look at other channels (like Sky Sports etc) I get great picture quality so I know it's the channel and not the box itself that's causing problems.  My TV is an LED one also so I know it's not the TV that is emitting the bad quality.


Just seems a bit weird and it's pretty annoying to watch a mess of pixels around the players etc.


Thanks for the help.

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Re: BT Sport Europe bad quality on Virgin XL package

Hi, was about to email BT about this (no email available!) when I saw your post.

No you are not going mad, the digital compression on BT sport Europe is terrible.

I know why, only seen this on SKY when they have "watch any game" red button service on SS5. So rather than having one ok SD picture whe get 8 unwatchable ones.


I am a migraine person who is particularly affected by this, and football really the worst thing to compress, the whites are too bright and the lines jump about.

We should not have to buy HD to get a reasonable picture. I have a 720p Panasonic plasma so thr benefit is marginal.

BT: solutions for you. 1) stop splitting up BT S Europe, do it on another channel if you have to.

2) Give me a free HD upgrade. 3) I just joined paying £20 pm, half this to £10 as I can only watch half the games, one I have to shut my eyes and listen. Graeme





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