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BT Sport. FREE ?

I was on the chat facility yesterday about something unrelated to BT sport.However i did ask a question about BT sport & sky sports,i have both.I am being charged £27.50 for Sky sports main event which is a joke in my opinion,my bt sport is free ,always has been.I am thinking about cancelling sky sports.


My question on chat was.If i cancel Sky sport will i then be charged fot BT sport.I was told, no bt sport would still be free.The thing i found strange was that the answer was not recorded on the chat thing,but i was called on my landline.


It was the answer i wanted of course,but why 'phone me when i was on chat with her.


I do not have any BTTV programs,just landline,broadband infinity 1 & calls,freeview,bt sport & sky sports.I was with BT before they had bt sport,i had the vision box but now the youview.


Given what i've said,does anyone know if i've been given the correct answer.The posts i've been reading all seem to indicate that there is a charge applied for BT Sport.When bt got some of the premier league games,there was a big thing made of it & i remember getting a email telling me that my bt sport would remain free.


I took out a new contract in April,so obviously everything would have been looked at again,but no charge was applied for bt sport & obviously i don't want to rock the boat.



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Re: BT Sport. FREE ?

Sky Sports main Event is a bolt on to your TV package - so if you were to cease it  alone that would typically  not directly change the status of your other elements.

As to why you  have no charge for your BT Sport that is another matter and could be down to the  package  you are on or to any promotional offers that apply to it. If it is not clear from your bill  or the My Bt  package details then I suggest you clarify with BT.

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