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BT Sport Free? Not if you want to cancel your contract!

Well BT strike again.  I came back to BT a year or so ago and got the 'free' BT Sport.  Time for renewal and they are just too expensive when compared with other providers so I have decided to go with TalkTalk to see how they compare.  I spoke with a Lady at BT who tried to convince me to stay but the numbers don't add up.  


The final insult though is that she said that I have to give 30 days notice for BT sport but I am switching providers in 14 days so now I will end up having to pay for 2 weeks BT sport as it is only free when I have BT broadband!  What a con.  Why should I pay for something which was just bundled in with my broadband?  I didn't even watch it much - just a couple of games during the football season.


I'm sure Talktalk will be just as bad but BT really know how to ensure it's customers won't stay or come back.

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Re: BT Sport Free? Not if you want to cancel your contract!

That's something that has been mentioned before on the forums. The problem is that I think the MAC process that Ofcom insist the companies follow only covers Phone and Broadband services/contracts.

The way BT set it up the BT Sport is not bundled with broadband as such but a totally separate service, contract and set of terms and conditions. That allows them to sell it to Sky TV customers who don't have BT broadband.

The MAC process allows the quick 14 day transfer of phone and broadband. If you don't use the MAC process then you need to give 30 days' notice for those as well I think.

All very confusing for customers.
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