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BT Sport Monthly Pass cancellation Charge????

Took out BT Sport Monthly Pass 07.11.20 for just one month and charged £25, all good until I tried to make sure it was just for one month. Bt set up a new account which I did not have access to or any reference ie. account number, so not available on My BT. lots of phone calls and eventually on 22.11.20 I got through to someone who said that they had cancelled my subscription. This week I get a bill for £0.81 for BT sport Monthly Pass which has been cancelled but no details as to what the 81p was for. Started a chat and was told that the bill was for cancelling the Monthly Pass????

The advisor said that he has removed the charge before I could ask him to without any explanation. Only when I asked what the bill was for did he say that it was for cancelling mid month.

The question is if BT advertise the monthly pass as contract free, no strings etc.

How can they charge to cancel it?


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Re: BT Sport Monthly Pass cancellation Charge????

Hi Qman,


Welcome to the community.

You have been misadvised because you are 100% correct the monthly pass is only 30 day rolling contract and the charge you have incurred is because you cancelled mid bill cycle. For example, lets say your billing cycle is 17/12/20 and your cease for the monthly pass is tomorrow 18/12/20.

The 0.81 amount you have been billed is for the days after your billing cycle technically ended.


You have not been charged to cancel the monthly pass.


See here :

Can I cancel my BT Sport Monthly Pass? 

Yes, you can cancel your pass at any time, no strings attached.

Simply log into MyBT, find BT Sport Monthly Pass and choose ‘Cancel subscription’.

When you cancel, you can carry on watching BT Sport until your 30-day viewing period expires.

You need to cancel your subscription the day before it’s due to renew at the latest. You can check when your subscription is due to renew in MyBT

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