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Re: BT Sport Online unwatchable

For those of you with Windows 7,trying to get the online player to work, try uninstalling silverlight 5.1, and download and install silverlight 5.0. Remember to set silverlight not to update on first use.

Worked for me.

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Re: BT Sport Online unwatchable

I have to agree with this - although it states you do not get HD online unless you pay for it my assumption would be that you get SD quality which is defined as 568i


The quality of my feed is less than 240p I reckon - and yes supposed to be on fibre with max 38 M - seem to be getting a stable 20.


The fact is BT are actually throttling the HD feed to make it non HD.


Not very impressed and as someone else has said I can get better quality streams on the illegal site - and that is wrong somehow.



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Re: BT Sport Online unwatchable

OK, so I'm new to BT Broadband and I accept it'll take a while to get used to everything, but my attempts to view video online on a desktop computer using BT Sport have resulted in nothing other than long periods staring at a spinning icon in the middle of a blank video screen, followed by an error message and a link to FAQs.


Reference to the FAQs leads me to wish I'd completed a computing degree, rather than engineering degree. I'm not thick, but I'm not a nerd who loves hours of computer fiddling either.


I can go to YouTube (for example) and, with little effort and an average spec computer, view videos to my hearts content. Please render BT Sport just as trouble-free and undemanding. I want to watch sports videos at a fair price without hassle, not read pages of instructions, spend hours putting them into practice and more £££s than I care to imagine on high spec harware and software.


Big disappointment. For goodness (and, not least, fairness) sake, please do something about this, preferably before the first MOTO GP race of 2014. That was the main reason I moved to BT Broadband. I shan't be staying if the experience doesn't become more realistically tailored to fit the profile of a computer user of no more than average ability and resources.

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