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BT Sport - Samsung TV - Grey BT Vision Box

I am on BT Infinity with a 1st Gen (Grey) Vision Box. I do not pay anything for the Vision box, its essentially just a freeview box with recording and access to box office. (I worked at a BT accuired company so got the box for free). This is connected to a Samsung Smart TV.


I have contacted BT regarding my access to BT Sport from Aug 1st and they have said that BT Sport is not supported on my Grey Vision box and that I would need to pay a monthly subscribtion plus installation fee for a new box... which i'm not going to do. I have noticed that the BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2 and ESPN channels are now showing on the EPG on the TV Guide on my Samsung TV and was wondering if you are able to get these channels (for free as i'm a BB Infinity subscriber) through the Samsung TV or are these channels just advertising for BT.


..... or I could just use the App and website..... but i'd like it on the HD TV

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Re: BT Sport - Samsung TV - Grey BT Vision Box

BT Sports 1 and 2 will be transmitted over Freeview - but encrypted.  Black BT Vision boxes with the new software will be able to pick it up with the right decoder card.


The silver boxes are obsolete, and BT aren't interested in supporting them any more.  There's no software upgrade for them.


The charge suggested is for a new BT Vision box, plus a subscription to the basic BT Vision package.  The free "pay as you go" option is no longer available to new customers, and that includes anyone changing their BT Vision service.  It's anyone's guess how much longer BT will keep the silver boxes going for - there's been no announcement.

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Re: BT Sport - Samsung TV - Grey BT Vision Box

Since you are on infinity a £5 a month subscription will get you the channels via multicast ie infinity.
Otherwise apart from watching it on an App or a computer you really have no choice.

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