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BT Sport app - New features coming soon

Hi everyone,

The BT Sport app will be getting an update on Sunday 12th July, which is going to introduce two new features that customers have been calling out for 😀


  1. Spoiler-free mode - customers have asked for a way to find the match, race, or fight they want without having the result spoiled. We are adding a toggle in the ‘More’ section of the app (accessed from the bottom tab bar). From this, you will be able to choose your default opening page of the app as either the new spoiler-free page or the normal Homepage. If toggled to the spoiler-free page then whenever you open the app in future it will open on the spoiler-free page which will only have full event replays without spoilt titles. You can then navigate to the rest of the app which will be the same as always.
  2. Casting replays – customers will now be able to choose between enhanced player and standard player for full event replays. To cast the replay you should choose the standard player (this is made clear in the prompt). 




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Re: BT Sport app - New features coming soon

Much better and closer to how it should have been from the start.

Couple of things though: First, the Sheffield v Arsenal FA Cup QF is still labelled with the score but I assume that is an oversight when setting up the spoiler-free page with initial content from the archive.

Second thing is that I think the Home button should always take you back to the landing page selected. As it stands you either have to close the app and relaunch or remember to use the Back button to avoid seeing a spoilered page and all too easy to forget to do either of those things having watched one thing spoiler-free and wanting to watch something else spoiler-free.

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Re: BT Sport app - New features coming soon

Thanks for the feedback @gomezz. You're right that there are a few older clips and highlights that still include scores in the title, but you should find that all new content in future will be spoiler free on that page.

The problem with changing the home button to launch the spoiler free page is that it would then become impossible to reach the real Home screen, which has a lot more on it. You're right thought - it's given us something to think about! Thanks.
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Re: BT Sport app - New features coming soon

Are these features available with the Monthly Pass? We're considering resubscribing now MotoGP has started again, but the Monthly Pass makes the only real sense at the moment.

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Re: BT Sport app - New features coming soon

A BT Sport Monthly Pass provides access to all content and all current features @sjlangdon
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Re: BT Sport app - New features coming soon

Thanks. The monthly pass also says you can access over "xBox, Android, ....etc...whatever" but doesn't say you can simply access via browser or on WIndows*. Clear as mud and typically BT.

* I mean who uses Windows?...Never heard of it!


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Re: BT Sport app - New features coming soon

The Windows client is ancient, and not something we advertise. It was close to being removed completely just a few weeks ago, but received a stay of execution. It was written for Windows phones, but they're no longer made or supported.
I'll see if we can get the wording updated to include a reference to our Web player which is still supported and being improved all the time.
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Re: BT Sport app - New features coming soon

It would be good if there was another even more useful feature - A button to click to cancel BT Sport - you cant do it online so you have to phone - and you cant get through, utterly useless

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Re: BT Sport app - New features coming soon

They will never let you do that.  That way it would be simple for you to stop giving them money.

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