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BT Sport app for Amazon Fire TV, Roku etc?

Since BT Sport appear to be flushed with money at the moment, I presume you'll be givng your customers the ability to watch BT Sport through an app for Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV etc?


If you really want people to pay an extra £5 then you need to offer more options for them to play BT Sport on their TV's. I have no wish to watch football on my phone and the viewing experience on my PC screen isn't the same as on a huge TV.


It's all good and well paying £100,000's to your football pundits but you seem to be forgetting the customer. What is the real reason as to why you refuse to release an app for Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple Tv etc? It surely can't be a money thing.


At this stage, I think I'll be leaving for an alternative ISP when my contract runs out. Saying that, haven't you broken the contract by suddenly forcing customers to pay an extra £5 for something that was previously, for the most part, free?



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Re: BT Sport app for Amazon Fire TV, Roku etc?

I think BT's lawyers have the whole contract thing sewn up.  It's an additional service, separate from broadband, and offered as a freebie to customers.  They have only ever promised that it was free for the current season, leaving the way open to introduce new charges at the start of a season.


If you don't want to pay £5 month then either (a) downgrade to the light package but that requires a new contract, or (b) phone 150 and cancel BT Sport entirely.


BT have shown no interest in porting their TV service to other platforms.  My guess is that it would take customers away from their pay TV service.

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Re: BT Sport app for Amazon Fire TV, Roku etc?

i agree they have google chrome plasted all over the front page of forum about it not being conpatable with chrome saying silverlight dosnt work with the new chrome but windows app store has no bt sport in there so in a way buying and buying but they sill arnt bugeting properly for it like ee aswell as the fiber bb but charge way off price to there customers for them

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