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BT Sport on BT TV Box Pro vs Apple 4K TV

I've got the latest BT TV Pro Box but the picture quality watching BT Sport HD isn't as good as when I watch through the BT app on my Apple 4K TV. When I watch on the Pro Box there's some judder and the pitch looks a bit washed out, whereas on the Apple 4K TV the pitch and overall detail looks vibrant and more punchy. Any reason as to why that might be? I prefer to watch on the Pro Box (because the app is 30 seconds behind), but I don't understand why the picture quality isn't as good. 

Might be worth pointing out that I am using a wifi connection on the Pro Box, would setting up a wired connection make a difference? 

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Re: BT Sport on BT TV Box Pro vs Apple 4K TV

Update: I turned off Frame Rate Matching and now everything appears smooth and more vibrant! I wonder why that is? I had the HDMI setting on UHD 50fps 10bit, so maybe my LG TV was already doing it's own frame rate matching? 

On a separate note, anyone know how to fix the picture on Ultimate HDR? It seems a bit darker on channel 465 as it does on 433.

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Re: BT Sport on BT TV Box Pro vs Apple 4K TV

I generally find the picture quality (and the sound) better on ATV regardless of what I'm watching.

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Re: BT Sport on BT TV Box Pro vs Apple 4K TV

Do you have a BT Box Pro?

I had some issues with the football again tonight, can someone tell me what the correct settings are? It's all very confusing because the HD channels look best when the pro box is set to 1080p, but it's annoying to have to keep switching to UHD from 1080p when I want to watch ultimate. If I set it to 1080p but then activate frame matching, will that fix it?

Everything looks better on the Apple 4k TV (the HD channels, ultimate is more or less the same), is this just down to processing power?

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