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BT Sport on Sky - newer black box only?

I rang BT over the weekend to get BT Sport added to my Sky box.  The customer services rep told me that I wouldn't be able to receive BT Sport as I have an older white Sky+ box and would require a newer black box.  I only want the SD channels, I'm not worried about HD at the moment.  I found what she said a bit hard to believe.  I explained that the channels were listed on my EPG and that I could select them and view the previews on those channels but she was adamant that I'd need a newer style box.


Can anyone confirm or deny this?  I can't find any mention of it on the BT Sport website, even in the FAQ's.  If it is true then the statement on the website "If you have a satellite receiver box and viewing card, you can easily take BT Sport from us" seems to be a misrepresentation of the truth.

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Re: BT Sport on Sky - newer black box only?

I agree I think you just need a sky box and an active sky card to get bt sport SD

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