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BT Sport without BT TV or Broadband

I am moving into accommodation provided by the University for my new job and had to cancel my BT contract a couple of days ago.

Anyhow I would like to access BT Sport for this upcoming season is their anyway to access this without a BT TV or Broadband I did consider asking my parents as they have BT TV but it seems it will either start charging them from August £5 which they won't go for or sign them up to 18 months which will probably see at least one price hike.

I also looked at the mobile but again it seems the app would be only made available to that device you used (ie my phone) I always could do with a spare mobile sim for work mainly so would be happy to pay £10 quid for that if I could get the app to also work on my IPad.

Any other ideas, it seems whilst BT talk about making sport more accessible to all that an option doesn't exist to sign up to an app only contract, I would happily look to subscribe to something like this if it was launched.

Any clarification would be good on this.
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Re: BT Sport without BT TV or Broadband

Why not give your parents the fiver a month it will cost them?
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