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BT Sport

Hi, I am not sure if this has been asked already, so apologies if it has. Iordered BT Sport about 6 weeks ago with the view to receiving the HD channels on Sky free for the 1st year. I heard nothing for ages so I decided to re-order, I went through the process online to be told there is already and order in progress for this account. All well and good I thought!! 1st of August arrives, NO BT SPORT!!! I called and was told that due to a so called clash on my account there was a "technical problem". Eventually they got it sorted and I receive BT Sport, BUT NOT IN HD!! AGAIN I called to query this and was told I need to pay £3 per month to receive HD. I was told by a very unhelpful operator that I must complain via online system, which I did, we will reply within 24 hours........NOT!! Still waiting a reply, I am a very disgruntled BT customer, been with BT since broadband came to my area, about 13 years ish. Think it may be time for a move.


PS I assume that with "THE VERY HIGH AMOUNT OF CALLS TO BT" there are lots of problems, BT get it sorted if yopu want to hold onto your customers.



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