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BT Sports App


I've got to say I don't like the BT Sport App because every time I go on to watch a match, it usually tells me the result of that or some other match that I'm intending to watch!

I see no need to blast the score in big letters above all the items as it ruins my enjoyment. I know you have a spoiler-free section but I seem to have to go past all the scores before getting to it.

Also, why keep Champions league and Europa league games on there, from months ago, but not put A league and national league matches in full replay which are more recent.

Sorry to moan as BT sport, in general, is excellent and I really enjoy the content and production of your programmes

Many Thanks


Jon Clarke

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Re: BT Sports App

You can set the app to go straight to the Spoiler Free screen by selecting the "More" tab at the bottom, and then tapping "Landing page". Select "Spoiler free replays" and it'll always start the app on that page.
If your phone is running Android 7 (Nougat) or later you can also long press the BT Sport app icon to see a link to launch it straight into that mode. From that same long press menu, you can *drag* the "Spoiler free replays" link onto your device screen and create a shortcut that always goes directly there.

Some competitions come with restricted rights on how long we're allowed to keep replays available in the app. Generally, what you see there is all we can make available.