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BT Sports Package -mess-


I have just recently recontracted and got an early bird BT Sports option for my Sky+HD box, but I have a few questions.

From the email that I recieved upon placing the order, it states that I will be getting 

1: BT Sports 1 HD

2: BT Sports 1 HD


Now, my first question is that will I be getting these 3 above channels and no more or less.

Second, right now, I have ESPN and ESPN America HD on my SKY+hd box. I have chosen to not continue with those two channels as BT will be providing ESPN HD to me from the 1st of August. I still can't workout whether it will be both channels or just one. What will happen to ESPN America HD channel? Is the ESPN America HD channel also part of the BT Sports package?


(After completion, an ESPN-branded channel will continue under BT stewardship, bundled with BT Sport.


Why has BT bought ESPN America UK? What sports are on that?

ESPN has built a brand synonymous with high quality sports coverage, and has a long history and heritage with US sport.

The almost 4,000 hours of live US sports will further strengthen BT's offering. The list includes Major League Baseball, NCAA College Basketball, NCAA College Football and NASCAR.

Does this mean that both ESPN and ESPN America will be part of the BT Sports bunlde/ package. I had really like to know this, I hope others too will want to know this. I will also speak to the sales team for further clarification.


Thats all I wanted to know.

Thank you.






update: Customer Options have said only 1 channel will be included in the package.

according to the email after recontract:


Your BT Sport service
When BT Sport launches on the Sky digital satellite platform on 1 August 2013, you'll be able to watch:
BT Sport 1 on channels 413 / 426
BT Sport 2 on channels 414 / 427
ESPN on channels 417 / 433

You'll need to use the Sky viewing card below:



From Sky's website:

What’s happening with ESPN after 31 July?

BT haven’t announced their full intentions for the ESPN and ESPN America channels yet. However, as part of their ESPN acquisition, they have stated that at least one ESPN channel will be made available. We expect BT to announce further details soon.


All this still doesn't explain what will happen to ESPN America Channel.

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Re: BT Sports Package -mess-

no it is just ESPN UK that is part of the BT Sport package as I understand
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