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BT Stop Treating Us as Kids

I am totally frustrated with the treatment so far from BT. My phone line has been installed since last month, but I haven’t ever been able to receive calls. My transition to BT has been a nasty rollercoaster. I decided to move my services (Phone and Broadband) along with 6 other business of my friends and relatives over to BT but since do regret. We are treated as novice and kids when spoken to. Initially started with the broadband, the wrong order was installed for me when I actually requested BT INFINITY. Hopefully by tomorrow that would be rectified.
I call, and I am given false assurances that my telephone would be up and running. My business depends on my clients incoming call, this HAS/ IS costing me, my business and family a great discomfort and total Loss of revenue.
I have called and spoken to loads of so called BT staffs who don’t know what the **bleep** they are being paid for. Most common words are sorry, we will look into it. This has been going on for weeks on end.
To be honest after series of phone calls it was only today after chatting with one BT Staff (Mr Lloyds S – Norwich fault centre) who was very clear, comforting and encouraging advising me the option of diverting my calls. Why on earth has no previous BT Fault Staffs advised that before now, when I made mention of it a week ago to a staff and she said it is not possible. Thanks Lloyds.
Anyway for my business survival I need this looking into ASAP or I will take up further to as far as possible and get the compensations I deserve regarding revenue loss. If we keep getting fooled around, I will get my lawyer, my local MP, Office of Communications (Ofcom) , Advisory Committees on Telecommunications (ACTs), ICSTIS , Office of the Telecommunications Ombudsman and everyone possible involved.


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Re: BT Stop Treating Us as Kids

It would be a very good idea at this time to  contact the Mods


Fill in the form here and they will be able to help

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