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Community Manager
Community Manager
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BT Subject Matter Experts

Hello Everyone,


The community is growing everyday and we are always trying to improve your experience when you visit.  In addition to our team of moderators, over the last few years we have increased the number of subject matter experts that visit the forum from time to time to help answer your questions. 


Our experts volunteer their own time to share in their knowledge and help solve the problems you may be reporting.  Each expert can be easily identified by their title which is located under their username, and they will all have a badge which will indicate, in which area they can offer their expertise.  Their signature will also confirm their identity.


Rest assured they are posting here in an official capacity so you can be sure that you are speaking with representatives of BT.  Some of our experts may ask you to contact them via private message to request your account details, please feel free to respond as they will need this info to help.  Please do not contact any of our experts via private message unless they invite you to do so. Our experts visit the forum in their own time so they will not always be available to respond.