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BT Synergy 4500 Twin - Caller Display Not Working

I have a BT Synergy 4500 twin handset which is capable of receiving text messages and displaying incoming phone numbers (caller id).  For over a week now, the caller display has not been working, it only displays external call.

Last Tuesday, my wife sent a text message to the house phone instead of my mobile, which normally is not a problem, as the phone is a text phone. However, I did not receive the message straight away, about an hour later, got a BT answer machine message, with the test message. On the end of the message it said I was capable of sending messages, but not receiving them.  This is the bit that's confusing me, as it is a text phone.


I am not particularly bothered about the text messaging side of things, as we have mobiles for that, it more the caller display, we want working, but I believe both are linked.


I have conducted a BT line check, but that came back negative. I have unplugged everything and plugged the phone direct into the master socket, no difference. BT say that my phone is activated for caller ID.


I also raised a fault with with BT on Friday and for some reason they have raised two faults:


First one is said to be cleared and fault fixed and second one says:


Fault diagnostic run


We have run a line test and we cannot find a problem with your line. The problem may be with your own equipment so we need you to carry out some tests. To get help with that click on the 'Help Section' on top right. If you have already checked your equipment and still have a problem then please call 0800 800 151.

If you have made an appointment already the details will be shown below. There is no need for you to do anything further


I really don't want to go out and buy another phone, as the phone is working ok in all other ways, making and receiving calls etc and I don't want an engineer to come out and be charged a fortune for it.

I do not have another phone, to test to see if it's the phone. Has anyone got any suggestions?

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Re: BT Synergy 4500 Twin - Caller Display Not Working

Any one?

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Re: BT Synergy 4500 Twin - Caller Display Not Working

Has anyone, got any idea's?

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Re: BT Synergy 4500 Twin - Caller Display Not Working

See if any of this helps:

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Re: BT Synergy 4500 Twin - Caller Display Not Working

Caller display stopped working on one of my handsets as well.


Menu button.. Base settings.. Restore settings..

-       Deletes phone book so must copy from sim card again

-       Caller display started to work again on handset!


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