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BT T causing Wi-fi from BT 600 power lines to disconnect

I have BT home hub, TV, and three powerline/Wi-fi hotspots off a 600 extender connected to the home hub (2 bought as a pair and bought another one but just use one extender). TV box connected to a hotspot. 

Generally worked well over last 20 months with occasional re sets required.  Now have an issue which is new to me and emerged during a re set. Can get Wi-fi hotspots working well but only if I don’t plug TV in - ie have to tv box totally disconnected.  As soon as or ten minutes into connecting TV Wi-fi goes down but comes back immediately if TV off.

 Any help/tips gratefully received!

I’ve done a re set of home hub and tv and read other posts that suggest packet data interference can happen or suggest de cloning hotspots but mystery why I’ve suddenly got this issue unless I’ve set something up wrong during the re set. 

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