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I moved into a new flat over a month a month ago. Altough I swore I would never get BT services due to the bad press and the fact they have the worlds worst customer service, the landlord was a bit reticent about me getting a sattelite and SKY broadband.

So I signed up for a BT summer deal. Two weeks past and I got the home hub, I set it up, all seemed fine. The connection was a bit **bleep**ty although usable. However the first weekend came and things started to go from bad to worse. The following saturday, it had crawled to amost a stop. I called BT broadband helpline, after half an hour wait, an Indian gentlemen apologised most sincerely and told me that after doing a line test he thought there might be a fualt and it would be rectifed within 24 hours. 24 hours past and no joy, so called again. I spent the rest of the week calling the centre and trying get get someone to give a **bleep** about the issue. I finally managed to talk to a lady who said she would follw it up and give the engineers a call, 24 hours she said. After 24 hours nobody had called. I sepnt every spare moment calling the telephone support as the issue seemed to be with line noise. I finally got an appointment with an engineer, the following Monday he said, no way I said thats almost 5 days away. Ok he said he would talk to his supervisor, and came back saying , ok Saturday morning. The next day at work I got another call, 'were calling' to book your appointment, oh I said someone already gave me one. 'oh we have no record of that' we'll have to find out whats going on. A few messages later and it seemed the chap in the call centre had made a boo boo as there were no 'Saturday' appointments availlable, and it would have to be the Monday. Couple fo days later another call, oh do you want to move your appointment to Saturday. By this time I didn't know if I was coming or going and said 'I'm afraid to move it now', then another day and another call and I said, ok Saturday. Anyways, this monring an engineer came, nice chap, replaced the wire outside the house and line noise gone. Did a speedtest. still 284 kb's. I said to him, oh the Internets still slow. 'oh you'll have to wait 72 hours for a new IP profile. So now I'm here, still sitting on a  slow broadband connection, 3 weeks after I reported a fault.

Is the average fault fix time really over 20 days!

BT of course will claim that I reported the fault only a week ago, basically because none of the call centre operators bothered to open a  fault case when I first reported it. Rather left me to hang for weeks.

There is something deeply wrong with BT. They don't give a **bleep** that my wife hasn't spoken to her family abroad in three weeks, they couldn't care less that I use this connection for work and e-mail.

No as far as thery are concerned I'm a dumb sheep with no idea of whats going on.

The irony is I am a senior network systems engineer with over 20 years experience. If it was a local network fault I could have fixed it myself.

If my company provided a service as poor as BT does we would have no customers.

Over 30 mins wait for a call centre to anwser, having to type in 40 or so digits to get to talk to the correct department. What the is this all about. I've got one telephone number, you don't need my life history to get into my account!! It's jsut a ruse to fill in time while you wait for your call to be answered. Incompetent call centre staff who don't give a **bleep** but apologise most sincerely, but just a little too sincerely as you know full well these robots are trained to say sorry as many times as they possibly can whilst doing *** ALL!

I reported a fault, first they lie to me about fixing it, then they lie to me again that they would follow it up, then they lie to me about making an appointment.

They wasted my time and money calling them repeatedly for almost two weeks before acknowlegeing I'm not just phoning them up to pass the time of day and I actually DO have a prioblem that I NEED HELP WITH!!!

Ridiculous wait times for engineers. A week a WEEK!

This is the UK not the third world.


As soon as I can I'm leaving your sorry asses and I'll be taking as many people with me.

I'll spend the rest of my days making sure everyone I know NEVER NEVER NEVER signs up for your service as well as making a complaint to OFCOM.

And BTW, sort my IP profile out, or DONT, I DONT GIVE A **bleep** ANYMORE!!


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You will have nothing but "total nightmare" because you have no way of getting out from them now.  I too am trapped and I have already written about 10 letters to them and they don't even bother to reply.


They are charging me £6.80 EXTRA per month because they say I am not making at least 10 calls per month!  I told them at the time of joining them that I am not interested in making any calls;  All I want is broadband.  Now I am stuck for 18 months with them.


I am prepared to pay them a penalty to get out from these sharks but they don't even tell me what the penalty is!


I have complained to ofcom and their nominated adjudicater and they too can't help me.  All they say is I should keep filling forms and "pray to god" everything will be sorted out.


Does any one know if I stop all Direct Debits, will this allow me to break the contract?




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If your phone line was crackly then you went to the wrong department straight off the bat.


Phone line issues are  (iirc) 151


You will be dealt with immediately and whilst you're there you say "Is this why my internet is so bad?"


Job sorted.


You still have to wait or ask for your IP profile to be reset though.

An MSCE in computing is like having a McDonalds Certification in World Cuisine, pointless.
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Hi Jtanna,

I am sorry to hear that you did not receive a reply to your letters. If you drop me an email with your BT account details and a link to this thread, I will look into this for you. My email address can be found by clicking on my profile.


Community ModeratorPaddyB
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Welcome to the magic roundabout. Been on it now for a few weeks and still can not get off.

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Well the NIGHTMARE continues. After numerous calls I finally got them to dispatch and engineer.

The chap in teh indian call centre or the 'blocking shop' as I wil now call it was wanting to gie me an apointment for Monday 18th, I said 'no go get an earlier one'. So he came back and said Saturday, still 4 days away but beter than nothing. The next day I get a call from work, a woman asking me to m make an appointment, 'oh someones got their lnes crossed' I thought. So I sent her away to find out what was going on. So hours later I get another call from a supervisor saying that I couldn't have Saturday as the guy had made a boo boo and woud I have Monday. Apparently te guy would be reprimanded. So I agreeds, it's pointless anyays. The next day I get another call in fluent Gudjerati. Would I like a Saturday appointment, I'm pissed now and don't know what to do, so I tell teh guy to leave it having already rearanged my life. The next day (Friday) another call, do I want Saturday?,, ok yes. So Saturday monring sharp a grumpy telephone engineer turns up, replaces the telephone wiring coming into the house and with a parting, 'oh by the way your Broadband IP profile will take another 72 hours to sort itself out'

Now thats the flaming start of another scenario.

So 24 horus later, I'm fair, I call BB support. Oh you shoudl see hanges soon, keep tracking it. I tell the guy he better follow it up. The next day anther call, 24 horus to go, my hub shiows ADSL speeds of 12000kbps but IP profile still says 135k. Call again tonight, oh you ONLY REPORTED THIS ON 17th so you have another 28 hours to go. I aid to the guy, look the engineer came 3 days and 10 horus ago. Oh but we didn't do this until 18th. There is no record of an engineer visit. SO I'M LYING NOW AM I!!!

I HAVE HAD ENOUGH. They have wasted my time to the point I actually want to kill one of them.

These people hae no right to be running a company in the UK.

AND YES THERE IS SOMETHING WE CAN DO. 100,000 people petition against BT and we can take this to the government and get them regulated so they are FINED every time they mess up. That will soon sort them out when their executive board can't pay for their new Yaucht. So I'm going to make an online petition and post it here for everyone to sign.

They are even goign to try to can OFCOM.

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IMO i think you guys are just impatient and ignorant. when signing on for broadband you cant expect it to be perfect right off the bat. you might have to make a few small changes to ur set up and ur problems could go away. coming and ranting on here isnt going to help anyone, and it most certainly wont inspuire the people who have a quite fine connection and are happy with BT's service, to help you. you have to be patient, research things, and then eventually you can make changes to make your line as optimal as possible.

however if you just want to rant, rather than ask for help which is what these forums are for, go ahead, but it wont get you anywhere and in any1's good books.

the forum moderators on this site are extremely helpfull, but teyre not going to take kindly to someone just having a huge rant.

Think before you speak next time!!

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Hi Pmorrison,

If you could please drop me an email with your BT account details and a link to this thread, I will take a look to see what is happening with your Broadband. My email address can be found by clicking on my profile.


Community ModeratorPaddyB
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Oh so I'm impatient and ignorant after waiting three weeks for internet. I had this installed at the end of September and had reasonable speed for about a week. As to asking for help, I've spent hours on the phone to BB support and listened to their lies. 


"when signing on for broadband you cant expect it to be perfect right off the bat." Even if I wasn't a senior systems engineer I would expect to at least have a reasonable connection and not 135kps. 

So if people are happy with BT then fair enough, but I'm not. 

"Think before you speak next time!!" .. erm who asked for your input, if you don't like what you are reading then don't read it.


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Thanks Paddy but last time I asked BB support to look into it they messed up so badly and I have to wait another 72 **bleep** hours. How do I know you won't do the same. Their incompetence has put the fear into me that I might as well not bother calling for help.

Initial call to support 02/10/2010 .. response : wait 24 hours.

Second call: 04/10/2010 .. response : we can't check your line seems to be a fault on line.

Call to telephone support: 05/10/2010: "pull all your wires out and test"

 Call to telephone support: 05/10/2010: "we'll have someone call you"

24 hours nobody calls

Call back 06/10/2010: "oh its only 5 mins after, will get engineer to call you"

24 hours nothing

Call back: "oh haven't they called you yet"

Engineer calls: "well make you an appointment for following Monday (5 days away) .. no I want sooner .. ok this coming Saturday .

Team calls: "oh calling to make appointment for you" .. "sorry I already have appointment for saturday" .."oh ill go check"

Team calls "oh no record of that I'll have supervisor call you"

Supervisor calls: "I'll look into it"

24 hours .. Supervisor : "oh they made a mistake in the call centre it will ahve to be Monday"

24 hours "oh calling to move your appointment to Saturday" .. "oh its been messed abotu with efore"

24 hours "oh calling to move your appointment to Saturday" .. "oj then"

Saturday 8am engineer replaces phone line into premises ... "wait 72 hours for IP profile"

17th "Call B support .. IP profile still same" .. "wait longer i'll call you back 24 hours"

Calls back24 hours "check it tomorrow morning"

Net day still nothing .. 19th call BB support " oh you logged fault on 17th we did Ip profile on 18th so you have 28 hours left"

I've given up I'll just sit here like a stupid **bleep** and wait patiently for things to get fixed, I suppose I'd still be here next year if I wasn't cancelling my account and getting my **bleep** Monday back. So much for a summer deal you've cost me money having to travel to work in London rather than work from home. I sit in the office from 6am till 8 pm.

3 Weekends no Internet.