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BT TV Box 4k - error code IPC6023

My BT tv box will not connect to internet &showing error code IPC6023 - FFTP 900 direct to Asus router so plenty of broadband speed. All other connections working correctly include Apple TV on the same wired connection.  I have done a factory reset on the tv box  & restarted the router but does not clear the problem. 

From what I can work out it is connected to the broadband okay just unable to receive channels. Appreciate any help or the TV box will have to go in the bin. Very temperamental these you view boxes.

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Re: BT TV Box 4k - error code IPC6023

Hi @Andysedg58 

Do the channels work when you connect your BT Hub instead?

The BT Hub is pre setup for IGMP/Multicast traffic whereas 3rd party routers like yours may either need configuring or are that old don't support the technology.

Therefore if you connect your BT Hub and the channels work, you know it is your Asus router and likely requires configuring. If it is a router config issue, a quick google will give you what you need.

If you need further support, let us know!

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Re: BT TV Box 4k - error code IPC6023

Thanks - I never had that problem with the BT router so maybe that is the reason. Is there a way I can check this or are there specific settings I need to make to the third party ASUS router.

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Re: BT TV Box 4k - error code IPC6023

Hey @Andysedg58 

It may just be as simple as enabling IGMP Snooping and multicast routing. I don't know which router you have so can't help you more than that.

Have a look! Google your router model + multicast settings.

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Re: BT TV Box 4k - error code IPC6023


This is on my DSL-AC68U so should be similar for most Asus routers:-




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