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BT TV Box Pro - Connecting via Wi-Fi


With today's exciting launch of Wi-Fi capability on the BT TV Box Pro, I wanted to offer some help for connecting our newest set-top box with your BT Smart Hub and BT Smart Hub 2.


For the best connection


  • For the best possible connection, you should place your TV Box Pro within 5m of your Smart Hub and away from other electrical devices. If your box isn’t in the same room, try to make sure there's only one wall, floor or ceiling separating it from your Smart Hub at most


  • Your TV Box Pro will work best in an open and central location. Place your TV Box Pro in an area that is well ventilated. Don't store it in confined spaces like cupboards, cabinets or behind the TV, and avoid stacking other electrical equipment on top of it. This is also for safety reasons


  • Walls, floors and ceilings made of brick or stone, or that are foil insulated could negatively impact the signal between your TV Box Pro to your Smart Hub.


  • If you’re using a Complete Wi-Fi disc, place this halfway between the TV Box Pro and the Smart Hub where possible. If all devices are on the same floor, then the discs should be positioned on their feet. If the disc is on a different floor than the TV Box and Smart Hub, tilting or laying them sideways could improve the connection



Wi-fi or wired


  • Wi-fi means there is no need for a cable from your box to your hub, whilst an Ethernet cable will provide you with the strongest, most reliable connection


  • If you want to connect your TV Box Pro and Smart Hub using an Ethernet cable, plugging in the cable will set up the connection automatically. We include a 1.5m Ethernet cable which can be used to connect your TV Box Pro and Smart Hub directly if you're having issues connecting them via wi-fi


  • If you are already connected by Ethernet cable and would like to connect using wi-fi please go to Settings (by pressing the home button on your remote and navigating to the cog on the top right), then go to  'broadband connection' > Change connection  and you will be guided on the set-up


Note: If your Ethernet cable is removed whilst recordings are in progress, the internet connection will be interrupted. Recordings on your TV Box Pro will stop until the connection is restored



On-screen help


  • It can take up to two minutes to connect your Smart Hub to your TV Box Pro with the WPS button. There will be a two-minute countdown timer on your TV screen. Please wait the full two minutes for the devices to connect


  • If you're having trouble connecting using the WPS button, you can use your TV remote control to enter your wi-fi password via the on-screen keyboard


  • If you see a "weak signal" message next to your hub's name in the wi-fi network list, then your devices are not close enough to each other. Move your Smart Hub and TV Box Pro closer together, or if you can't move them see the troubleshooting information below 





  • The BT Box Pro will work with your BT Smart Hub or Smart Hub 2. Routers that aren't from BT won't be able to connect


  • Your TV Box Pro only uses a 5Ghz wi-fi channel and it will automatically connect to the right one (your Smart Hub can use both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz wi-fi channels)


  • If you're having issues with the wi-fi signal between your Smart Hub and TV Box Pro, you can try Complete Wi-Fi for a reliable signal in every room.  You can get BT Complete Wi-Fi at any time, just visit BT Complete Wi-Fi to find out more


  • BT Mini Connectors or Powerline Adapters will work too, but your connection won't be as strong


  • Your TV Box Pro may work with white BT Whole Home Wi-Fi discs, but these aren't connected to our systems so we may not be able to help if there are any issues.