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Re: BT TV Box Pro - comments/questions

Same here, I had a trial box, then the retail one and then a second one. Both ended up fully networked with various little add ons.
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Re: BT TV Box Pro - surround sound issues

My BT HD Pro Netflix App outputs DD 5.1 via optical to a 5.1 amp with an LG Nanocell TV connected via HDMI but not when it is connected to an older Panasonic Plasma TV

Presume the Netflix App it is doing some form of handshaking via HDMI to check compatibility

This then determines what is sent via both HDMI and Optical

You don't appear to be able to get DD 5.1 from the BT Box Netflix App via optical independently if your HDMI receiver is not compatable

That is an error in the Netflix App

Amazon Prime has no problem 



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Re: BT TV Box Pro - surround sound issues

I have an ‘older’ tv. There are no hdmi inputs for example. My BT box is plugged directly into my quite new receiver Arcam AV41. Amazon doesn’t do Atmos for me.

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