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BT TV Box Pro not completing recordings

This box is driving me insane. It’s the second one we have had because the first one wasn’t working (failed recordings) and we had to get it replaced because BT’s system only allows you to pair the remote the first time. If you hard reset the box it gets so far with startup and then refuses to pair with the remote, but that’s another issue.

The new box now won’t complete most recordings. Twice last week it recorded 10 minutes of Martin Lewis Money Show, and it recorded about 20 minutes of Peston, so I thought it was an ITV problem, but today it has bailed out on the Andrew Marr show after about 15 minutes. What’s more the other half says that the red recording light was on around 50 minutes after the programme started, so it appeared to be recording, but obviously wasn’t.

Anyone else getting this problem and are these boxes just hobbled somehow, or have we been unlucky with 2 duff boxes? And BTW, it’s not something wrong with out setup as a separate Manhattan box works flawlessly.

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