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BT TV Box pro.. Initial thoughts.


Had the BT TV pro box for a few days now.

Some initial thoughts..

Occasionally I get a pink screen with lines from changing from another HDMi source when turning the box on. Didn't happen with my old BT box. I have a Philips pus7805.

Secondly the Bluetooth remote on one occasion has had the menu screen come on the TV when nobody had touched it. A Minor inconvenience if anything.

The picture is gives is incredibly "cool" I don't mean hip. I mean in terms of temperature. I've had to tweak the living daylights out of it in comparison to my other hdmi see sources and built in Freeview. 

It's bloody quick though.

I haven't tried multiple recordings and found the only fiddle being having to go into a recording via info to delete it rather than having a dedicated delete button on the remote like before.

I've calibrated many TV sets over the years from Samsung, LG and my latest Philips. But there's something afoot with this picture processing from the box.

I welcome any thoughts or suggestions, yes I've tried a different HDMI cable and even plugged my son's smaller wide-screen TV into it and it's still all rather a shade of cool blue.

I don't have Dolby Atmos as I have an Orbitsound P70 which is connected directly to the TV via the optical cable. But.. This method of sound delivery is quieter than the old box with the same setup. I also ensured the new box had the output volume at full blast. 




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Re: BT TV Box pro.. Initial thoughts.

rather than going via Info . You could try using the remote Record button on the recording you want to delete . typically it will bring up a Change Recording screen which has a Delete option.

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