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BT TV Box regularly not connecting to internet

I have recently move in to a new house with fibre optic broadband direct in to the house. In the lounge there is an internet socket that connects direct to the BT Hub. The BT TV box is connected to the socket with a high quality cable. The BT TV box works fine for a couple of weeks and then suddenly when turned on it shows no internet connection. I have followed the procedure of turning of the hub and restarting, sometimes that works but most times not. Turning off the TV box and restarting sometimes works but most times not. Doing a Factory Reset sometimes works but then the following day or day after there is no internet connection again. I have checked the internet socket by plugging in my laptop and had no problem connecting to the internet. The family have numerous phones, laptops, TV's etc and none of them have had a single internet connection issue. The only device regularly not connecting to the internet is the BT TV box and BT's only solution so far is to replace the box. But both TV boxes I have had from BT in the last two months have had exactly the same intermittent connection problem.  It is extremely frustrating sitting down every other evening to watch TV only to find you can't watch anything because the TV box can't find an internet connection even though it is wired directly in to the BT Hub which is working perfectly. Has anyone else had this problem and have been able to resolve it?

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