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BT TV Favourites

Recently installed BT TV box for first time. Can a list of easy to access Favourites be created?

Would really like a short cut option to get to SKY Sports channels on NOW TV.

Nothing obvious on any menus I have found??


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Re: BT TV Favourites

I use a Harmony Logitech universal remote control which lets me configure a list of favourites on the remote touch screen.
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Re: BT TV Favourites

Thanks for reply, does the Harmony actually allow setting NOW TV channels as favourites, or have you not tried that specific setup?

I am actually doing this for my 92 year old mother in law, as the process to get to SKY Sports channels using the standard BT remote is just too hard for her to do compared to the SKY box we have just replaced. Trying to explain why different channels are in different places is not really an option!!!! 

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Re: BT TV Favourites

There is no favourites functionality on a BT TV box, or any YouView box that I am aware of.

The closest you will get is the ability to hide channels in the TV guide, effectively creating a list of favourites in a personalised guide.

Hiding channels only does so in the guide, so you can still type in the number or use the channel +/- buttons and will still be able to view any channel content.

You will find some guidance here:


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Re: BT TV Favourites

Thanks for the reply, seems that having no ability to save favourites is not exactly progress!! 

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