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BT TV - LG37LV550T with Humax


We have in the living room the LG 37LV550T tv. This came out in 2011 and was pretty decent for the time. We recently added a BT TV package to our broadband subscription, and this came with the BT Mini Youview box, or basically the Humax db-t2200.

Now, I know that in the past, the Humax box deocders have decoded at 1080i, and then required a seperate deinterlacing chip to deinterlace to 1080p, before then being passed to the TV.

I would like to know if this particular Humax box does the same. The reason being that the general consencus is that decent TV's do a much better job of deinterlacing images than stb's.

My final question would be even though this TV is from 2011, is it still likely that the deinterlacing results from the TV will be better than those from the Youview box? I want to know because since we got the box it has been set to 1080p, however in the UK almost all HD tv is broadcast as 1080i, expecially the BT Sport channels, so I want to have the optimal set up.

If the TV will do a better job at deinterlacing then i will set the output of the box to 1080i, if the Youview box will bbe better at deinterlacing then I will set the output to 1080p.

Thanks in advance.
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