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BT TV Player on PC


I am having issues with using the BT TV Player on my PC .

On my account I can register two devices, which is fine. I have my iPad registered and I am able to use that. I also have my PC registered, which I was able to use when I last registered it. 

However, now when I try to use the BT Player on my PC I receive the error message "You have reached the limit on the number of devices you have registered for playback. (WP933)" When I go to device management I can see that the registered devices are my iPad and my PC (although PC says "Desktop Player Windows 8", while I'm on Windows 10). 

Would this be an issue with the PC App? I haven't change my PC name/settings, definitely haven't upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 10. At the moment I am only able to use the Player on my PC once every 30 days, when I can delete it from my devices and reregister it. 

Any ideas? I've logged out and back in again on both devices. 




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