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BT TV Pro Set Top Box last 5 mins not being recorded

Hi   I have recently upgraded to the new set top box and was very excited that it would be a considerable improvement over my old UHD box.   It probably is but concerned about the following:


a.   On three occasions to date it seems to have locked up  -  unplugging of power and back on resolves the issue.   This was an issue that I have had for years with various set top boxes and was a problem well known by BT but they could not solve.

b.     we have only recorded a few programmes but we have had about 3 of them that have not fully recorded and have had to go to an ondemand channel to see the last 5 or so minutes.   They were not as a result of overruns or alike as the programmes were as timed.   This is really a pain .

Anyone have any ideas about    (a) or (b) please   thanks Malcolm

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