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BT TV/Sport Clarity

I’ve recently purchased a new phone and I’m looking for a good unlimited sim only deal. I’m angling towards EE and as part of the deal BT sports ultimate is offered, but if I want to watch on my tv or iPad then it is a further £15 p/m for the service and I believe you have to cast it from your phone.

so, my question is, if I decide to add BT Sports to my current BT broadband package instead, could I not just then download the BT Sports app to my phone and use my login details in the app to watch content that way instead.

I’m a little unclear of what comes with the BT Sports package that costs at present £15. I imagine you’ll get a BT box but having also found a deal on the BT site stating BT app and broadband, I wonder if you need to pay extra for the BT app use on top of the BT TV/Sport box subscription.

If on the other hand that’s not the case then it would seem getting BT Sports and the use of the app  added to my current broadband service would save me some money.

any guidance on the matter would be most appreciated

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Re: BT TV/Sport Clarity

I’ll try to answer your questions by starting off explaining what I’ve got and then giving you my understanding of your other options. I have BT Broadband and I pay an additional £14 per month (legacy price I believe) for BT Sport on the app/online only. I then pay an additional £5 per month for BT Sport Ultimate which I am able to watch on my Amazon Fire TV 4K stick on my 4K/HDR tv. The picture quality from the BT Sport app is HD quality on its own before I upgrade to the UHD/4K. Chromecast is also a good option for getting BT Sport onto your tv from your phone or tablet. 

If you go for the TV box option you will get access to the BT Sport app at no extra cost. However you will only get SD on your tv unless you pay an additional £5 for HD/UHD. I’m pretty sure that whichever option you go for, tv box or app only, you will need to renew your broadband for a further 24 months.

I have no idea about the options for BT Sport via a mobile package from EE or BT Mobile, but you will definitely be able to cast to your tv if you add BT Sport to your broadband. Hope this helps.


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