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BT TV - Two TVs

Hi, looking for a solution to watching BT TV on two TVs.

I live in a new build with structured CAT6 cabling. In my garage is a small comms cabinet with my BT master port connected to my homehub which feeds the Ethernet ports in most rooms. There is also a Televes Nevoswitch which takes the coax TV feed from the aerial in the loft and feeds it to the aerial points in the house. I have two TVs and both are connected to the aerial points and Ethernet points.

I want BT TV but only for the Sky Sports channels. And I don’t mind having the BT TV box in the comms cabinet in the garage (because for most sports I’m not likely to be channel hopping).

I also don’t want a BT TV box in the two rooms with TVs because they’re wall mounted and I don’t want to ruin the “look” or have to rip the walls open to install scart/hdmi cables.

Bearing in mind that I don’t mind not being able to change channel unless I walk to the garage, is it possible to have one BT TV box in the garage connected to two TVs?

Or am I missing a much easier way of getting Sky Sports?

Many thanks!
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Re: BT TV - Two TVs


not wanting to run extra cabling, you could try HDMI to Ethernet adapters, one on each end of each ethernet cable, to connect your TV Hdmi ports to a HDMI splitter which in turn would be connected to your youview box at the cabinet in the garage.


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Re: BT TV - Two TVs

Thanks very much Gary. Would that mean I couldn’t use the Ethernet ports for the purpose of delivering an internet connection to the TVs? I currently use those to access Amazon Prime Video/Netflix.

I suppose that I could wirelessly connect the TVs to the internet...


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Re: BT TV - Two TVs


Unfortunately that would be the trade off.



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Re: BT TV - Two TVs

I wouldn't want to do without the ethernet ports, however I also have two satellite sockets and a coax radio socket in the rooms with the TVs. The other end of these sockets also come from the Televes Nevoswitch in the garage.  Assuming that I can actually get hold of a coax to HDMI adapter, would such a cable support an HDMI signal to the TVs?


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Re: BT TV - Two TVs


It is possible to get HDMI to COAX to HDMI adapters, they would be powered units and would convert the signal for transmission along the coax and back again at the TV end. I'm not sure how good they are or how much picture quality is lost in the conversion to COAX and back again.