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BT TV and copper broadband



ive recently had issues with BTTV which I’ve just subscriber.

after being sold the HD pack and having issues with IPC 6023 I have been told that I am error was made and I should never have been sold Athe HD pack as BT di not allow anyone with copper broadband to get that.

All HD on demand content was fine. I can stream in HD on Netflix , on my sky box etc.

why is BT Sport different and do BT have a blanket ban on HD sport going to people on Copper?


i tried to get an explanation of BT customer service but sadly failed as no one seems to understand as I’ve been going around for 2 weeks with them getting me to do pointless tests which sound like they would never have worked as I have copper.

and am I now never going to be able to get sport HD on my broadband which is 13.3mbps?

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Re: BT TV and copper broadband

Hi  @redgobofraggle 

The multicast delivery of the live  BT TV subscription channels (including BT sport)  differs from the methods used by streaming services.  Various methods have been used over the years to provide the standard BT Sport SD channels to BT TV customers on copper broadband. 

In recent years BT have greatly expanded the BT Sport App which is probably the best current option for you to view BT Sport in HD.  There are a variety of ways of watching BT Sport on a large screen (eg TV) using a variety of devices.  Even though you only have BT Sport in SD on your BT TV subscription that should include the BT Sport App which given your broadband speed  would deliver HD quality. Have you used the Bt Sport App yet ?

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Re: BT TV and copper broadband

I have tried it but it’s not easy to cast from my phone to my tv on apple iphone

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Re: BT TV and copper broadband

It could be worth exploring exploring the BT Sport app options further.

Is the issue with IPhone casting due to  availability to the iPhone to the view ,  the quality of the Wi-fi signal , the method used , the Chromecast or inbuilt TV devices etc.


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Re: BT TV and copper broadband

It won’t cast to my firestick which is the only casting device I have

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Re: BT TV and copper broadband

And I don’t get the recording/time delay feature as not everyone is free to watch sport at the time it’s on live

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