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BT TV app / Youview app confused.

Hi ihave Youview  dtrt2100 [ i think] and  use the Youview app on my mobile to set recordings on the box with no issues. I have now seen the new BT app so do i now use that? i have paired it to my Mobile.


So as not to get the two conflicting with each other i think i would rather use the new BT app and remove the Youview one, can i do this?


Looking at the BT app on my Mobile i quite like the lay out of it and the fact you can say pick it to show all HD channels , or Entertainment / sport  ect', if i retune my box will it come up with the new BT tv guide as on the app? or is it still Youview layout?

I have hidden many channels so  if i do  restore  i know that i won't be able to hide them again which would be a pain as i have hidden CH bbc 1 / 2/ 4/itv 1/ ch4 / ch5 as they are not in hd so makes my searching easier, same with many other channels .


Sorry i hope someone understands what i am getting at ,Thanks.    

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Re: BT TV app / Youview app confused.

With the latest update 29.27 you can rehide channels (it is now called 'Edit') as you see fit. This does not reflect into either app's (yet) or vice versa if you filter channels on the app.


You can use both apps together if you need to (there are a couple of small differences between the two) or just one depending on which layout you like the most. The BT app has been designed to be more like a portal into the BTTV universe rather than just a remote app if that makes sense.



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Re: BT TV app / Youview app confused.

Many thanks That's great news re' hide channels. Do you think BT will eventually move from Youview tv guide to the one that's on the new BT app?
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