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BT TV app and DTR T1000

Since the latest update to the BT TV  app it appears to be incompatible with the T1000.

Message I get when trying to set up a recording.

"Sorry - there is a problem.

This feature is no longer supported on your current TV box

To use this feature you will need to upgrade to a newer box. For TV box and

package options, please visit (GY184)"


Don't know what GY184 is coz it's not listed amongst the error codes.

I think I might be speaking to BT to get a replacement box.

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Re: BT TV app and DTR T1000

That is a legacy 1st Generation  Youview/BT Box so it is likely that it was using the old infrastructure for sending remote record requests  and servers which Youview have ceased.  So that would affect the  1st Generation Youview  boxes  and also those using Youview own app  (now withdrawn) on any box.


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