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BT TV box FREEVIEW performance issues

Recently noticed that despite re-tuning when prompted a few weeks back that the signal from some Freeview channels is breaking up when the BT/Youview box is selected yet when switching to the TV the signal on the same channel is good. The implications are that some recordings are unwatchable.

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Re: BT TV box FREEVIEW performance issues

This page may help Picture breakup or missing FreeView channels

You will need to connected to BT Broadband to access any links I post which are hosted on my website..
If you are connected to BT Broadband, and you cannot access them, then please let me know on this thread. Thanks.

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Re: BT TV box FREEVIEW performance issues

It's possible that the YouView box has tuned into a different transmitter to the TV.

On those poor channels what are the signal strength & quality values? Also does the TV give you signal quality/strength values & if so what are they?

On OldGen (lists) it's ideal to have a signal strength of 60-70% in line with Keith's recommendations but on NextGen (tiles) the readings are to a completely different scale so 95%+ would be looked for.

I've 2 boxes , the OldGen box shows about 62% & the NextGen box about 95%. They're both the same version of box btw so you can take those readings as a direct comparison.

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Re: BT TV box FREEVIEW performance issues

I had the very same problem and the problem was my freeview signal was too strong(for the BT tv), normal tv reception was fine. My solution was to buy a variable attenuator which allowed me to dial down the tv signal to 75 percent. Never had a problem since. These are cheap, only about £7.

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Re: BT TV box FREEVIEW performance issues

Thank you for the replies.

I dont think it's 4G as aerial pass thru to TV is fine.

We have masthead amp and distributor.

It is not strong signals for sure. It is not on all channels.

We are in Essex in an ITV London/BBC London area. The Aerial is pointing to Crystal Palace. The box was retuned ( April/May) and was getting ITV London/BBC London News. This morning as an example Pass thru to TV ITV SD and HD - on the box no signal. In other words the tuner in the box is not as strong as the TV.


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Re: BT TV box FREEVIEW performance issues

I'm in Essex (Benfleet) & point to Crystal Palace as you do and about 37miles from the transmitter I think, but we are fairly high up so I get the figures I've quoted.

The Youview tuners are definitely not as powerful as most TVs unfortunately. Maybe you need a stronger aerial if you're using an amplifier already.

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