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BT TV cancellation

After 13-14 months of mixed experiences with BT TV, I cancelled today.  I then received an email asking me to return the Youview box. I was under the impression that it was mine, and I am sure that this was what the rep told me when I ordered the service.


Can anyone clarify? (Sorry if I've posted this twice - wee error at my end?)

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Re: BT TV cancellation

As a matter of interest, can you post the wording of the email.
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Re: BT TV cancellation

Email is headed "You need to return your kit"


Hello Mr xx

We're sorry you no longer need your BT equipment.

If you've already sent your equipment back to us, or if you've arranged a free collection, you can ignore this email.

If you haven't, you can follow the instructions below to send it back.

We'll reuse it or recycle it in a UK centre, which helps us cut down waste and put all the working parts to good use again.

Product Serial Number
YouView box (Humax)6xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

How to send everything back

To arrange a free Parcelforce collection (for TV set-top boxes only):

  • Pack your set-top box into its original packaging or securely wrap it in plastic.
  • Go to
  • Choose a date and time slot when you'll be at home to give the parcel to the courier.

To use a returns bag:

  • Get together your unwanted equipment.
  • Pack it all back into its original box (or something that'll stop it getting damaged).
  • Put everything into the returns bag.
  • Peel off the returns bar code and place it next to the pre-printed address on the returns bag. .
  • Hand the package over at any post office - you don't need stamps because we've already paid the postage. But just in case we call to ask you about the return, please ask for proof of posting.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to send back your equipment.

Libby Barr
Managing Director, Sales and Service

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Re: BT TV cancellation

OK, I can accept the email at it stands. BT has, as a supplier of electrical equipment an obligation to recycle goods it provides. What I don't agree with is the phrase " Email is headed "You need to return your kit"" when clearly, you don't.

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Re: BT TV cancellation

Agreed - the heading is misleading.


But I would like BT to confirm whether I must send it back or not. A BT online assistant also told me that the  "Real price of the box is £299.....  At the time of the contract there was no charge applied to your account for the box."


Bah, it's confusing.

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Re: BT TV cancellation

The box is yours, you don't need to send it back.

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Re: BT TV cancellation

Have a read of the BT TV Terms and Conditions, paragraphs 21 to 23.


Those paragraphs repeatedly refer to the price of the box, and paying for the box.  In particular "If you keep a subscription for which we supplied a set top box for 12 months or more, you will not have to pay anything for that set top box if you later end the subscription for which the set top box was supplied."


If you've been paying a subscription for 12 months or more, then you can keep the box, and you do not have to pay for it.

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Re: BT TV cancellation

Thanks for that ectophile.


I shall quote that if they get stroppy. Man Mad

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