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BT TV experience

Hi all,

I'm thinking of switching to BT TV but I'm a bit hesitant because of it being internet based with possible connection issues.

How do people find the reliability of the picture? Is there issues with buffering or pixelations at all or is the picture consistent for the Internet channels?

If recording two Internet channels in HD what will Internet usage for the rest of the household be like? My family have smart phones and tablets so would my recording be affected by this at all? My estimated download speed is between 54 and 73 after doing a speed check.

Any feedback would be great to try and help me make a decision!

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Re: BT TV experience

Not had any picture issues at all with SD, HD or UltraHD. I have fully tested it with recording 3 HD and 1 Ultra HD while also watching Netflix Ultra HD and using my phone, laptop and tablet for streaming at the same time without any issues. Recordings wont be affected with internet usage on other devices.
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Re: BT TV experience

Only issue i had was early this morning when it kept losing connection but other than that never had any issues it happily records 2 hd channels at once whilst i'm watching nowtv or hd netflix and i can still surf on my laptop no problem i only have 38mbs too.

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Re: BT TV experience

I have never had any major problems and my infinity speed is slightly lower than yours.  A few minor niggles such as H2 can 'jump' in terms of sound but other than that I have had no problems.  The price compared to Sky is very competitive.  I use BT power line adapters as my hub is in another room and have had no problems.


The rest of my family have tablets, games consoles, phones etc which all use the internet in one shape or form and this never seems to impact on the TV quality.  Hope this helps and good luck

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Re: BT TV experience

I have really not had much problems with the BT TV service with Youview in the over 18 months of having it. Apart from the other month when there was a local BT server problem in my area that affected the HD internet channels with the odd picture break up for nearly 3 nights in a row. Apart from that the BT TV service has been fine.
Im also 99% happy with the BT Infinity service and it has improved since I first got BT Infinity in early 2011.

I get just over 65mb speeds 98% of the time.


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Re: BT TV experience

With the new boxes and a speed of 25mps I have zero issues

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Re: BT TV experience



Don't confuse the BT TV experience with traditional "over the top" Internet streaming where the quality depends on the speed and reliability of the Internet connection between you and a server which may be in a different country. 


BT Multicast Extra TV channels and On Demand traffic are delivered from within BT's network and prioritised across the network right into your home. This is possible as BT control the entire network and provide BT Home Hubs that handle traffic prioritisation. We have multiple server farms across the UK responsible for delivering traffic in each geographic region so you will receive On Demand programmes from a local server. 


We also have very sophisticated error correction which eliminates any glitches even with a significant level of packet loss. 


You should never see any buffering, stalling or glitches on multicast or On Demand services unless there is a fault on your line. You certainly won't see any glitches like those that can occur with poor reception over Freeview or heavy rain or snow affecting satellite signals. 


The HD quality is also excellent and better quality than most other HD services in my opinion, thanks to the efforts of the BT content end encoding team. 


Finally, when streaming an HD channel your overall Internet bandwidth for other traffic will be reduced by ~10MBit/s, or 20Mbit/s if streaming two HD channels.  



Hope this reassures you.  

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Re: BT TV experience

Get a Freeview HD box and don't bother with BT.  Its just paying for even more channels filled with rubbish.  The UI is useless- there appears no way to personalise list order so you are stuck with channels scattered at random through the listing, and if you have a laptop you can connect to the TV you can get the main catch up channels that way. 


The BT sport bit doesn't seem to have an quickly accessible way to find out what's next onlive, and they fill it up with 5 year old football matches on demand.


Only 360 days until I can argue with my partner to return the ruddy thing, and go back to our 'intuitive straight from the box' freeview box.

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Re: BT TV experience

I think the OP is looking for a HD recorder box that has some smart services like BBCi player and stuff so they don't have to connect a laptop to the TV.
Also theres nothing wrong with the BT TV service and the G4 box made by Humax is very good.
The OP could just buy a Humax Youview + box and use that for Freeview HD and get all the Free on demand players.


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