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BT TV lack of channels

Does anyone have any information as to when BT TV will get more channels? Particularly Sky channels like Sky witness and Sky crime?

Here is a list of channels that I think should come to BT TV

Sky 1
Sky 2
Sky Witness
Sky Crime
Sky Arts
Sky Atlantic
CBS Drama
CBS Reality
CBS Justice
Food Network
BET (Black Ent TV)
Real Lives
MTV Classic
MTV Base
MTV Club
The Box
Star Gold
Star plus
Star Bharat
Sony TV Asia
Sony TV Max
Zee TV
Zee cinema
Zee Punjabi
B4U movies
NDTV Good times
NDTV Spice
Rishtey Cineplex 
Hum Europe
NDTV India
B4U Music
MTV Beats (Bollywood)
Sony SAB
TV5 (French)
DW-Deutsche Welle (German & English)
Hellenic (Greek)
PCNE (Chinese)

Some of these channels are premium channels and all of the above with the exception of Hellenic TV are available on both Virgin Media and Sky. I don’t live in a Cabled street and I’m not allowed to put up a dish where I am living so I chose BT TV.
BT TV and all other services I get from BT are fantastic but the TV just lacks a few channels.
My list also includes foreign language channels and Bollywood channels, currently there are no channels of this nature on BT TV and I think BT are missing an audience. Why would someone switch from Sky to BT TV if they will no longer have access to the above channels? It’s a huge downgrade .
I also wonder why on earth BT are selling Sky Cinema channels for about £14 when the exact same content and live channels are available through the Now TV app on BT TV and cheaper. There is no difference as in terms of HD and SD with Sky cinema channels vs Now TV.
I did hear that BT was to broadcast Sky channels through Now TV which I think is ridiculous as they should be like all other TV channels, this news was announced in 2017 and was to start in mid 2019, nearly 3 years later, there is still no sign of any Sky channels except premium channels
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Re: BT TV lack of channels

Hi @MNroshandel1 

A lot of questions with even more answers, most of which I doubt that you'll find.

Channel availability could be down to cost, exclusivity, is there a sufficient customer base to warrant it etc.

The addition of the Now TV deal is running late, but it shouldn't be long now as BT's T&Cs have been updated to include Now TV billing. Such deals will cost more for the viewer rather than going direct, just look at the price to have Sky Sports Main Event through BT. People will pay it because they like one bill and one provider, the choice is down to the viewer.

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