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BT TV "multiroom"

Hi guys,


Recent convert from Sky to BT and have taken up the "multiroom" subscription.


I've been sent the broadband box as well as two identical YouView+ boxes.


I've set up the broadband and then set up the main YouView+ box, connecting it to the outside aerial & broadband box then ran the setup.  All is working as expected.


As stated earlier, the second YouView+ box is identical to the first, I expected it to be different i.e. use wireless technology to connect to the main box (like Sky) but after speaking to a very helpful Indian chap on the chat it appears I have to connect the second box to the BT mini connector kit via ethernet cables (the broadband extender things you plug into the mains).


I'm a bit unhappy about this as there are now wires all over the place and another two things to plug in but it is working, albeit without any of the free to air channels (BBC, ITV etc.) as I don't have a TV aerial point in my back room.


The Indian gentlemen on the online chat didn't think BT had any wireless TV boxes - is this correct?  I find it incredible they could be so far behind Sky on something as simple as a wireless TV box.  He also said to get the free to air channels I would need to ring TSG and pay them to come out and install a new aerial point (which I'm guessing will not be cheap).


Is there a workaround?


Already starting to question my decision to give BT a try after years with Sky...


Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer,



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Re: BT TV "multiroom"

Yes, if you have a smart hub( bt homehub 6)see here for my work around, still working since my post(davidb) and it also boosts the wifi to my smart TV & Firestick.

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Re: BT TV "multiroom"

Sorry to hijack thread. David in your setup you mention connecting to TP-link range extender - was this a cable connection i.e. bt hub=>wireless=>TP-link=>ethernet cable=>second YouView box?




"I don't think this is still the case, the latest firmware for the HH6(smart hub) mentions "Features enhancements for Multicast and uPNP".
I have just bought a Wifi extender TP-Link RE210 (2.4gHz, 5gHz & 1Gbit port), set it up, connectected it to the youview box and just recorded 2 channels(Eden & Nat Geo Wild)  simultaneousely and both recorded without errors, fingers crossed for the future.(I cannot test any of the HD channels because I do not subscribe)"

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